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Hi. My name is…. June 19, 2014

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Hello Blog-o-nators!!! Has it really been since lastΒ November since I’ve posted a blog worthy post?!?! Looks that way 😦 Would you all forgive me if I say I’m sorry?? Yeah? Maybe? ……I’m sorry.

A lot has happened since November at KB Cakes & Creations. I’ve been busy baking and creating, and I promise to share some posts over the next week. I’ll pull some pictures from my Facebook page to show you all πŸ™‚ (www.facebook.com/KBCakesCreations) Lots of new stuff, some old stuff, and some upcoming stuff! Bare with me, and I’ll get some stories up here for you all to read!!

As always, I love to get your feedback. Hook me up with comments, suggestions, etc. and I’ll see you real soon!


Fingerprint Jewelry November 11, 2013

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I’m really excited about these pieces! And so are my kids and husband probably, because I’m not asking them to come over so I can smoosh their fingers anymore! Haha! These have been an ongoing piece of work, because I wanted them to be perfect. Well, they aren’t “perfect” but their darn-tootin’ close!

Many of you, I’m sure, have seen the fingerprint jewelry floating around on the internet. I love those! They are so amazing. So, me being me, I thought I’d tackle making my own. But what to make them out of? I don’t have the necessary instruments to cast my own silver pendants (I wish I did! I can remember carving rings from wax, molding the carving, and pouring hot silver to form the rings during my school years!), so I figured I’d improvise. Mine are made from polymer clay.

They are lightweight and varnished and formed to look just like sterling silver. They are, in my opinion, fantastic!

This one is my husband and I on one heart, and our sons fingerprints on the other:

Finger Print Necklace 1

Finger Print Necklace 2

Finger Print Necklace 3

This necklace showcases just the boys fingerprints:

Boys Finger Print Necklace 3

Boys Finger Print Necklace 1

Boys Finger Print Necklace 2

And because I couldn’t help myself, this necklace has my dog’s nose and my cat’s nose:

Nose Necklace 2

Nose Necklace 1

Nose Necklace 3

I also made a wrap style bracelet with their noses because I had cast a couple extra:

Nose Wrap Bracelet

I love the way they turned out!


Birthday love from me….and my Grandma… October 28, 2013

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Last month holds lots of birthdays in my family. My Mom, my older sister, and my son. All weirdly exactly one week apart. Which means this year for three Wednesday’s in a row, somebody had a birthday! lol

I love to make handmade gifts. Just ask any member of my family! And I knew just what I wanted to give my Mom this year.

As many of you know from past blog postings, we lost my Grandma this past May and I had saved flowers from her funeral arrangement to be used as Memory Beads. I’ve slowly brought myself to making some things with her flowers, and my Mom’s gift this year was made with them as well. She of course didn’t know when I gave her the pin, shaped like a Cardinal. In fact, her first words were “This reminds me so much of my Mom..” It was then that she noticed the flecks of dried flowers on the pin and she knew I had made it with Grandma’s flowers for that sole purpose.

Here’s the finished piece. I was told to share this memento with all of you and share a different kind of way to honor and remember those we love:


Happy Monday, friends. Hug yours just a little tighter today πŸ™‚


Finger Puppets!!! September 27, 2013

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My biggest project that I decided to do while I was healing came in the form of Finger Puppets! My niece’s birthday was coming up, and being of the crafty-kind-of-giver people, I decided finger puppets would be a really neat gift for imagination games and stories. What started out being just a set for my niece for her birthday, ended up being three different sets each for my niece AND my nephew! And at the prompting of my Mom, decided that they are fun things for others too, and decided to sell sets. So, if you know of some little fingers that need a set, or two, or three of these little guys, please let me know! I’m always excepting orders and look forward to making many more of these little guys……and there’s always room for more….a frog, a turtle, a hippo, oh and a raccoon….well, look for new little animals soon! πŸ™‚

Finger Puppets 1

Fairytale Set, $10.

Finger Puppets 6

Zoo Animal Set, $10/5 finger puppet set, mix and match

Finger Puppets 2

Finger Puppets 8

Finger Puppets 7

Farm Animal Set, $10/5 finger puppet set, mix and match

Finger Puppets 3

Finger Puppets 4

Finger Puppets 5

Finger Puppets 10

Super Hero set, $8/3 puppet set

Finger Puppets 9

And because the husband wanted a Minion…I’m working on Minions, too πŸ™‚

Finger Puppets 11

He was super geeked about his finger puppets. Aunt Kristin did good!!



Baking while recovering…. September 26, 2013

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My summer was spent pretty much recovering from the aforementioned broken ankle. Which was pretty unfortunate for me, my husband, my kids, my dog (not my cat, she was thrilled to have a lap to sleep on all day!), and some baking.

I was scheduled to do a wedding cake one week after my ankle surgery for a friend’s wedding. With the help of my family and husband, who helped put pans and pull pans out of the oven, and get me situated at a table to decorate, the cake got finished. And while I stood with crutches under my arms and on one leg, I had to direct my husband on how to set his first tiered cake! He did well, my grasshopper. Only one small frosting issue that was fixed and no one knew the better! Here’s that finished cake….


After the wedding cake, I decided (well, sorta promised…lol) that I wouldn’t take on any more cakes while I couldn’t do them on my own. Which was a good decision, since the one above tuckered me out for a few days, but it was worth it!! πŸ™‚ I did break that promise just once, but it was for my niece, and she’s cute, and had a birthday……here is her Belle cake…

Bell Cake

Bell Cake 2

Once I could start putting some weight on my foot, I slowly have gotten back into baking, and bless all my customers, the orders keep rolling in! It’s amazing! Here are some the recent orders:


Gender Reveal Cupcakes




Bachelorrette Party Cookies



Baseball themed Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie


Ferrari Cookies

Don’t forget to come visit http://www.facebook.com/KBCakesCreations on Facebook and get the first look at what’s going on at KB Cakes and Creations!


Broken Ankle Hat Gallery! September 20, 2013

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Ok…so as promised, here are some pictures of some of the hats I worked on while I was laid up for weeks. I made some additional hats, but can’t show you pictures yet…I will eventually, just not right now…because they are Christmas presents, and I’m a little ahead of schedule for once! Hmmmm….all it took was a broken ankle!!!

Enjoy! Happy Friday bloggers!



Pink Cloche Hat, shown in adult size, $15.



Sea Breeze Cloche Hat, shown in adult size, $15.



Mesh Slouch Hat, shown in adult size, $15.



Purple Slouche Hat, shown in adult size, $20.



Crocodile Stitch Hat, shown in Teen size, $20. LOVE this stitch. So fun πŸ™‚


Comfy hat, shown in size 12 Months-3yrs, $12.






Newborn and 0-6mths hats, $10.


Boys Ribbed Hat, shown in size 3yrs-10yrs, $12.


Where have I been? What happened to my summer?!?! September 11, 2013

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Hello Blog Followers!!

Wow…summer is pretty much done, expect for the 90Β° weather we’re having here in Michigan today, and fall has slowly commensed. Kids are back in school, and I’m looking forward to sweatshirt and jean weather! If you are a Facebook follower as well (http://www.facebook.com/KBCakesCreations) you know where I’ve been most of the summer. If you aren’t a fan of the page, make sure you go click like and stay up to date on what’s happening at KB Cakes & Creations. But for a quick recap on here, I broke my ankle at the end of June running the Tough Mudder at MIS. Yes, I’m that crazy, lol. But, alas, I didn’t have the outcome I wanted…I didn’t get my headband, my beer, or the satisfaction of finishing. And I wasn’t even doing an obstacle when it happened, I was just running in downpouring rain (no big deal!) and slipped on a hill, and the end result was a dislocated Tibia and a broken Fibula (in four places!), surgery (8 screws and 1 plate later), and THE longest recovery I’ve ever had for anything! lol. But amongst my disappointment in not being able to finish the race, having a broken ankle, and not being able to do much of anything for about 6 weeks, I started to crochet a lot. After the first three weeks, I finally felt up to doing something other then sitting, sleeping, and eating in a recliner. So I started sitting, sleeping, eating and crocheting in a recliner!

Ok, so being up to it, was only part of it….I was actually starting to go stir crazy. I’m not one to sit idle, and have everything done for me. It’s actually quite the opposite. But having a broken ankle is a very humbling experience. Things like making dinner for my family, doing laundry, driving, grocery shopping, washing dishes, vacuuming, and showering, all took quite a bit of help. And I owe my husband, my parents, my in-laws, sisters on both sides, and some of my church family, a great big additional “Thank You.” But I digress…they already know they’re pretty special :)…..back to crocheting. I sat and made quite a few items, but the first things I made were a bag for my crutches and my cell phone. This helped me be able to carry at least some small items with me, and not feel SO helpless! Worked great I might add! I apologize for the cell phone pictures, as I wasn’t doing much moving yet by then and couldn’t even think about attempting the stairs (Husband’s orders, lol).



I made quite a few hats, a scarf, and finger puppets!! But….those are for the next post, so stay tuned!

I’m getting back on my feet. Still driving left footed because of the boot I’m wearing, and started Physical Therapy this week….but I’m getting there! I’ll be posting some new things to the Facebook page in the next couple days, and then I’ll be back to updating you on the stories behind the work as soon as I catch you all up. So, if you want a first hand look at everything that I’m up to at KB Cakes & Creations, please stop by the Facebook page and give it a like πŸ™‚ (www.facebook.com/KBCakesCreations)

**My constant companions during this whole ordeal, my cat and my dog. When I didn’t have visitors, the hubby or my kids around, these two kept me company and looked after Mom πŸ™‚


Never far away….