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Where have I been? What happened to my summer?!?! September 11, 2013

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Hello Blog Followers!!

Wow…summer is pretty much done, expect for the 90° weather we’re having here in Michigan today, and fall has slowly commensed. Kids are back in school, and I’m looking forward to sweatshirt and jean weather! If you are a Facebook follower as well (http://www.facebook.com/KBCakesCreations) you know where I’ve been most of the summer. If you aren’t a fan of the page, make sure you go click like and stay up to date on what’s happening at KB Cakes & Creations. But for a quick recap on here, I broke my ankle at the end of June running the Tough Mudder at MIS. Yes, I’m that crazy, lol. But, alas, I didn’t have the outcome I wanted…I didn’t get my headband, my beer, or the satisfaction of finishing. And I wasn’t even doing an obstacle when it happened, I was just running in downpouring rain (no big deal!) and slipped on a hill, and the end result was a dislocated Tibia and a broken Fibula (in four places!), surgery (8 screws and 1 plate later), and THE longest recovery I’ve ever had for anything! lol. But amongst my disappointment in not being able to finish the race, having a broken ankle, and not being able to do much of anything for about 6 weeks, I started to crochet a lot. After the first three weeks, I finally felt up to doing something other then sitting, sleeping, and eating in a recliner. So I started sitting, sleeping, eating and crocheting in a recliner!

Ok, so being up to it, was only part of it….I was actually starting to go stir crazy. I’m not one to sit idle, and have everything done for me. It’s actually quite the opposite. But having a broken ankle is a very humbling experience. Things like making dinner for my family, doing laundry, driving, grocery shopping, washing dishes, vacuuming, and showering, all took quite a bit of help. And I owe my husband, my parents, my in-laws, sisters on both sides, and some of my church family, a great big additional “Thank You.” But I digress…they already know they’re pretty special :)…..back to crocheting. I sat and made quite a few items, but the first things I made were a bag for my crutches and my cell phone. This helped me be able to carry at least some small items with me, and not feel SO helpless! Worked great I might add! I apologize for the cell phone pictures, as I wasn’t doing much moving yet by then and couldn’t even think about attempting the stairs (Husband’s orders, lol).



I made quite a few hats, a scarf, and finger puppets!! But….those are for the next post, so stay tuned!

I’m getting back on my feet. Still driving left footed because of the boot I’m wearing, and started Physical Therapy this week….but I’m getting there! I’ll be posting some new things to the Facebook page in the next couple days, and then I’ll be back to updating you on the stories behind the work as soon as I catch you all up. So, if you want a first hand look at everything that I’m up to at KB Cakes & Creations, please stop by the Facebook page and give it a like 🙂 (www.facebook.com/KBCakesCreations)

**My constant companions during this whole ordeal, my cat and my dog. When I didn’t have visitors, the hubby or my kids around, these two kept me company and looked after Mom 🙂


Never far away….


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