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Birthday love from me….and my Grandma… October 28, 2013

Filed under: Jewelry — Kristin Barrios @ 4:03 PM

Last month holds lots of birthdays in my family. My Mom, my older sister, and my son. All weirdly exactly one week apart. Which means this year for three Wednesday’s in a row, somebody had a birthday! lol

I love to make handmade gifts. Just ask any member of my family! And I knew just what I wanted to give my Mom this year.

As many of you know from past blog postings, we lost my Grandma this past May and I had saved flowers from her funeral arrangement to be used as Memory Beads. I’ve slowly brought myself to making some things with her flowers, and my Mom’s gift this year was made with them as well. She of course didn’t know when I gave her the pin, shaped like a Cardinal. In fact, her first words were “This reminds me so much of my Mom..” It was then that she noticed the flecks of dried flowers on the pin and she knew I had made it with Grandma’s flowers for that sole purpose.

Here’s the finished piece. I was told to share this memento with all of you and share a different kind of way to honor and remember those we love:


Happy Monday, friends. Hug yours just a little tighter today 🙂


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