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Baking while recovering…. September 26, 2013

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My summer was spent pretty much recovering from the aforementioned broken ankle. Which was pretty unfortunate for me, my husband, my kids, my dog (not my cat, she was thrilled to have a lap to sleep on all day!), and some baking.

I was scheduled to do a wedding cake one week after my ankle surgery for a friend’s wedding. With the help of my family and husband, who helped put pans and pull pans out of the oven, and get me situated at a table to decorate, the cake got finished. And while I stood with crutches under my arms and on one leg, I had to direct my husband on how to set his first tiered cake! He did well, my grasshopper. Only one small frosting issue that was fixed and no one knew the better! Here’s that finished cake….


After the wedding cake, I decided (well, sorta promised…lol) that I wouldn’t take on any more cakes while I couldn’t do them on my own. Which was a good decision, since the one above tuckered me out for a few days, but it was worth it!! 🙂 I did break that promise just once, but it was for my niece, and she’s cute, and had a birthday……here is her Belle cake…

Bell Cake

Bell Cake 2

Once I could start putting some weight on my foot, I slowly have gotten back into baking, and bless all my customers, the orders keep rolling in! It’s amazing! Here are some the recent orders:


Gender Reveal Cupcakes




Bachelorrette Party Cookies



Baseball themed Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie


Ferrari Cookies

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