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Hi. My name is…. June 19, 2014

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Hello Blog-o-nators!!! Has it really been since last November since I’ve posted a blog worthy post?!?! Looks that way 😦 Would you all forgive me if I say I’m sorry?? Yeah? Maybe? ……I’m sorry.

A lot has happened since November at KB Cakes & Creations. I’ve been busy baking and creating, and I promise to share some posts over the next week. I’ll pull some pictures from my Facebook page to show you all 🙂 (www.facebook.com/KBCakesCreations) Lots of new stuff, some old stuff, and some upcoming stuff! Bare with me, and I’ll get some stories up here for you all to read!!

As always, I love to get your feedback. Hook me up with comments, suggestions, etc. and I’ll see you real soon!


One Response to “Hi. My name is….”

  1. Hi there! We are doing a production of Seussical and would love to have you make or buy the pattern for the elephant ears hat you crocheted. It is perfect for Horton!

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