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Finger Puppets!!! September 27, 2013

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My biggest project that I decided to do while I was healing came in the form of Finger Puppets! My niece’s birthday was coming up, and being of the crafty-kind-of-giver people, I decided finger puppets would be a really neat gift for imagination games and stories. What started out being just a set for my niece for her birthday, ended up being three different sets each for my niece AND my nephew! And at the prompting of my Mom, decided that they are fun things for others too, and decided to sell sets. So, if you know of some little fingers that need a set, or two, or three of these little guys, please let me know! I’m always excepting orders and look forward to making many more of these little guys……and there’s always room for more….a frog, a turtle, a hippo, oh and a raccoon….well, look for new little animals soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

Finger Puppets 1

Fairytale Set, $10.

Finger Puppets 6

Zoo Animal Set, $10/5 finger puppet set, mix and match

Finger Puppets 2

Finger Puppets 8

Finger Puppets 7

Farm Animal Set, $10/5 finger puppet set, mix and match

Finger Puppets 3

Finger Puppets 4

Finger Puppets 5

Finger Puppets 10

Super Hero set, $8/3 puppet set

Finger Puppets 9

And because the husband wanted a Minion…I’m working on Minions, too ๐Ÿ™‚

Finger Puppets 11

He was super geeked about his finger puppets. Aunt Kristin did good!!



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