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Baby Boike Gender Reveal Cake March 22, 2013

Filed under: Cakes — Kristin Barrios @ 4:03 PM

This was a very fun cake to make! The idea behind the cake is that the couple doesn’t know what they are having, and neither do their friends and family…..thus why a party and a cake!! For the Boike’s cake, they gave their gender ultrasound info. to a trusted friend, and she told me what color to make the cake. Pink for a girl, blue for a boy. So when the couple goes to cut into the cake, they reveal what the sex of the baby will be! How fun is that?! The Boike’s are having a baby boy and below is the cake I made for them. The buttons, bibs, onesies, and other items on the cake are made out of some fondant I made and cut and shaped into those pieces. This is one of my favorite cakes I’ve made! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special reveal!

001 (3)

003 (4)

014 (2)

008 (4)

012 (2)

010 (4)

Gender Reveal 2

Gender Reveal


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