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Fingerprint Jewelry November 11, 2013

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I’m really excited about these pieces! And so are my kids and husband probably, because I’m not asking them to come over so I can smoosh their fingers anymore! Haha! These have been an ongoing piece of work, because I wanted them to be perfect. Well, they aren’t “perfect” but their darn-tootin’ close!

Many of you, I’m sure, have seen the fingerprint jewelry floating around on the internet. I love those! They are so amazing. So, me being me, I thought I’d tackle making my own. But what to make them out of? I don’t have the necessary instruments to cast my own silver pendants (I wish I did! I can remember carving rings from wax, molding the carving, and pouring hot silver to form the rings during my school years!), so I figured I’d improvise. Mine are made from polymer clay.

They are lightweight and varnished and formed to look just like sterling silver. They are, in my opinion, fantastic!

This one is my husband and I on one heart, and our sons fingerprints on the other:

Finger Print Necklace 1

Finger Print Necklace 2

Finger Print Necklace 3

This necklace showcases just the boys fingerprints:

Boys Finger Print Necklace 3

Boys Finger Print Necklace 1

Boys Finger Print Necklace 2

And because I couldn’t help myself, this necklace has my dog’s nose and my cat’s nose:

Nose Necklace 2

Nose Necklace 1

Nose Necklace 3

I also made a wrap style bracelet with their noses because I had cast a couple extra:

Nose Wrap Bracelet

I love the way they turned out!


Birthday love from me….and my Grandma… October 28, 2013

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Last month holds lots of birthdays in my family. My Mom, my older sister, and my son. All weirdly exactly one week apart. Which means this year for three Wednesday’s in a row, somebody had a birthday! lol

I love to make handmade gifts. Just ask any member of my family! And I knew just what I wanted to give my Mom this year.

As many of you know from past blog postings, we lost my Grandma this past May and I had saved flowers from her funeral arrangement to be used as Memory Beads. I’ve slowly brought myself to making some things with her flowers, and my Mom’s gift this year was made with them as well. She of course didn’t know when I gave her the pin, shaped like a Cardinal. In fact, her first words were “This reminds me so much of my Mom..” It was then that she noticed the flecks of dried flowers on the pin and she knew I had made it with Grandma’s flowers for that sole purpose.

Here’s the finished piece. I was told to share this memento with all of you and share a different kind of way to honor and remember those we love:


Happy Monday, friends. Hug yours just a little tighter today 🙂


Celebrating “Twilight” November 16, 2012

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Yep…..I’m a fan of Twilight.

Not only did I enjoy the books, but I’ve enjoyed the movies, too. And as excited as I am that the final film has been released today, it’s also kind of a downer knowing there won’t be any more to wait for with anticipation. However, I’ll still enjoy it! 🙂

Ok, so I’m a fan of Twilight. Don’t judge me. At least I’m not a “crazy” fan of Twilight like some people I know…you know who you are….I won’t call you out on my blog…LOL 🙂 However, I may be considered a Twilight nerd after this post…because, not only do I enjoy the books and movies, but I also enjoy some of the clothing they wear in the movies…particularly the handmade items.

Like Alice’s fingerless gloves in New Moon:

Yeah, totally gonna rock a pair of these soon…

Bella’s gloves…these are knit, but I still like them:

One of Bella’s hats (again, knit, but I could do this in crochet!):

So, in honor of the last movie coming out today, I made some Twilight inspired pieces.

Who among my Twi-hards remembers this:

First Twilight movie, at La Push. Cool hat, huh? I thought so. So, I made one…

Pretty darn close, yeah?

(Eek…I dislike pictures of me! But somebody had to model it…)

And just because it was fun…I made a bracelet. Notice the apple, wolf, and crystal heart…. 🙂

Happy Twilight Movie Premiere Day my Twilight friends!!!!


Wedding Day Memory Beads October 29, 2012

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For those of you who follow the blog, or are a fan on facebook (www.facebook.com/KBCakesCreations), you know what Memory Beads are because I’ve talked about them before. Memory Beads are beads I hand make from the flowers of a time you wish to remember, or as a way to remember someone. For example, flowers from a wedding bouquet, birth of a child, special occasions (prom, other dances, graduations, baptisms, etc.), or from the flower arrangements of a loved ones funeral. Anything or anyone you wish to remember. What I have to do is dry those flowers, then when dry, form them into beads to be used in jewelry. Below are pictures of the process from a friend’s wedding bouquet to make Memory Bead jewelry for her (and there were talks of giving a piece of jewelry to her mom, mother-in-law, etc.). Most of her jewelry pieces are neutral tones because that is what she liked, and I tried to incorporate a fall theme with leaf, red, and gold beads as her wedding was fall inspired.

Pictures of her bouquet..

Picture of the flowers dried..

Some of the beads formed from flowers…

Getting a finishing coat to make them shiny…

Jewelry made from beads:

Funky pendants..


Matching set (necklace, bracelet, and earrings):

Natural light:

Flash, so you can see the sparkles in the beads:


Matching earrings and necklace:

Super long, can do double stranded necklace:

Hope you enjoyed the gazillion pictures! And if you wish to do something with those dried flowers from long ago, or you have an important event coming up you want to remember, don’t forget to order some jewelry from me!


Cuff Bracelets June 5, 2012

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In the midst of making hats and cakes, I’ve still been experimenting with Polymer Clay. Here are just a few things that I have completed over the last several months.

These are made from Polymer Clay, stamps, black ink, and Mica Powder. As always, I make some, and then I want to make more, but differently and in my opinion, better. lol. But, I still think these are beautiful and they are fun to wear. The whale is an Earth Art International Stamp by artist Sue Coccia. And if you haven’t heard me gush enough about her work, then you haven’t been paying attention! LOL! She has these amazing images of animals, and I’ve got a few more ideas using her stamps for these cuffs and other projects. Go check out her website: www.earthartinternational.com. She’s also on Facebook, so stop on over there and check her out!

On with the pictures!

I look forward to taking my current ideas and form them in clay for some new designs. Creating is fun!!! 🙂


Bullet Shell Jewelry April 27, 2012

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I didn’t really grow up around guns. Well, at least not in the sense that most people use that phrase these days. My Dad has worked as a Security Officer since…well…for a long time! I can remember growing up my Dad working security at Michigan International Speedway’s Campground and visiting him there as a kid. My Dad carried, and still carrys, a gun for that job. I remember being nervous to give my Dad a hug before he left for the long weekend, because he had his gun belt on. So, my Dad had a gun, but I was never interested in it as a kid, never felt the urge to touch it or handle it, but I, nor my sisters, were ever really told anything about the gun. Perhaps that was because we were girls, and really didn’t show any interest in it, or guns in general. (Sorry Dad, lol…).

Flash forward to the present….I not only own three guns of my own, but I carry concealed and for my job as a Sergeant in the same security company my Dad works for. I also for a brief time was a member of the Adrian City Police Reserves. Now….that’s a far cry from a kid who was nervous to give her Dad a hug when he was wearing his duty belt!! :o)  Backtrack to 2003….I had already been working security for two summers when I came home from college as suggested by my Dad. It was fun, interesting, and for a short weekend, I could make a chunk a change for my poor college girl pockets. But in 2003, I graduated from college, and was working security again that summer….and I met my husband :o) He and I became fast friends, and in August 2003….he took me shooting for the first time, ever. After getting over the intial fear of actually having a gun in my hand… I was a goner after that, lol. It helped that for my first time shooting, I out shot him (he calls it beginners luck…but I still sometimes out shoot him! lol). From there, I kept shooting recreationally with him, but the following summer I made a decision to learn the essentials of carrying a weapon, and had great teachers in not only my future husband, but also a great man, Marc Kawahara (and several friends who helped me thru my CPL class…Tera, Al…). And soon enough I was an armed guard, and never looked back.

Zippy-de-do-da to the present….I still carry a gun. I still shoot. I have a great respect for guns, which is something that my husband and I educate our two sons about. They’ve shown an interest in guns from an early age (probably because they’ve seen their Dad and I suit up for work their whole lives..), and therefore we’ve also had to teach them to respect them. There is a great amount of responsibility when you handle a gun, and you must know that when you take it upon yourself to carry one.

So, long story for some jewelry that is both fun and beautiful, and means a lot to me. Introducing my Bullet Shell Jewelry. These pieces of jewelry are made from actual shell casings that I fired at the range. I then collected them, cleaned them, and made them into jewelry. In these pieces I used tiger’s eye beads, glass beads, silver beads and 9mm shell casings.

I hope to get some silver casings and also a couple different calibers. These are 9mm shell casings.

These would make beautiful gifts for friends and family. Look for other variations in the future, with more masculine designs.



Playing with clay……polymer clay, that is! March 9, 2012

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A while back, I had this brilliant (well, I thought it was brilliant, lol!) idea to capture some of my favorite Earth Art International stamps onto pieces for jewelry. I have actually done this a total of three times, but didn’t like any of the “beads” until my last attempt. And even those need a little help, lol….but it’s also sparked me on a totally different path. Same elements and idea, but different! And will be posted about later on…..

But for today I want to share this piece with you. So, back to Earth Art International…I’ve raved about the artist behind all of these fantastic drawings and stamps before, but I’ll do it again! Sue Coccia is the artist behind Earth Art International, http://www.earthartinternational.com/, and she makes some of the most interesting and beautiful animal totem drawings. She has a wide array of items that feature her artwork, from drawings, paintings, t-shirts, mugs, coloring books (which are awesome!! I have one!!), and amazing stamps of the drawings. And I’ve been lucky enough to start a small collection of her stamps, and look forward to getting more, which includes the NEW Sea Otter (y’all need to see this cute guy!), NEW Grizzly Bear (love it!), and pining for several of the other ones, too!! (Yes, I have a list. Don’t judge me. lol…) AND, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sue, and her husband, Frank, via my Texas friend, Jessica 🙂 (as a side note, you can find her AMAZING work at http://canyoupixelthis.com ; make sure you stop by and check out her work!)

I’m not even sure how this idea started, but I love the images so much, I thought a piece of jewelry that represents some of my favorite stamps (and the smaller images within the image that I love) would be awesome. And so, here is this final piece…

These pictures really don’t do the blue justice, lol…it’s actually not that bright, but you add a flash from the camera and it sort of washes it out. Anyway….you get the idea :o) And like I said, this piece has inspired several more pieces, which I’m currently working on! I’m loving it!

Happy Friday Friends!!

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