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Fishy Fishy….Birthday Cake and Cookies April 11, 2013

Filed under: Cakes — Kristin Barrios @ 8:03 AM

I recently made a birthday cake for a repeat customer 🙂 And the theme for this birthday party was goldfish! This was such a fun cake to make…..aside from the fact that my kids kept singing the McDonald’s Fish McBites commercial every time they came to check on the progress. You know the one….you probably just sang it!! Lol. “Fishy Fishy”

So this order was for the cake and cookies to match. I found and bought this really cute fish cookie cutter and I was able to frost them like goldfish…(insert another round of “Fishy Fishy” from my kids)…..




For the cake, the client had some ideas and I went with them and created this cake with matching goldfish!

“Fishy Fishy!”







This was a fun cake and cookies to make…even if I knew the McDonald’s Fish McBites jingle by heart afterwards, lol!


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