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Celebrating “Twilight” November 16, 2012

Filed under: Crochet,Jewelry — Kristin Barrios @ 5:03 PM

Yep…..I’m a fan of Twilight.

Not only did I enjoy the books, but I’ve enjoyed the movies, too. And as excited as I am that the final film has been released today, it’s also kind of a downer knowing there won’t be any more to wait for with anticipation. However, I’ll still enjoy it! 🙂

Ok, so I’m a fan of Twilight. Don’t judge me. At least I’m not a “crazy” fan of Twilight like some people I know…you know who you are….I won’t call you out on my blog…LOL 🙂 However, I may be considered a Twilight nerd after this post…because, not only do I enjoy the books and movies, but I also enjoy some of the clothing they wear in the movies…particularly the handmade items.

Like Alice’s fingerless gloves in New Moon:

Yeah, totally gonna rock a pair of these soon…

Bella’s gloves…these are knit, but I still like them:

One of Bella’s hats (again, knit, but I could do this in crochet!):

So, in honor of the last movie coming out today, I made some Twilight inspired pieces.

Who among my Twi-hards remembers this:

First Twilight movie, at La Push. Cool hat, huh? I thought so. So, I made one…

Pretty darn close, yeah?

(Eek…I dislike pictures of me! But somebody had to model it…)

And just because it was fun…I made a bracelet. Notice the apple, wolf, and crystal heart…. 🙂

Happy Twilight Movie Premiere Day my Twilight friends!!!!


One Response to “Celebrating “Twilight””

  1. coricutecore Says:

    That’s so awesome! Looks like a perfect match!

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