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Michigan vs. Michigan State October 18, 2012

Filed under: Crochet — Kristin Barrios @ 1:03 PM

A wonderful lady I’ve had the privilege to know for a long time (I used to babysit her kids when I was younger (!) and now am lucky to call her a friend), commissioned me to make her grandchild a hat. And because her parents are Michigan fans, much to the dismay of Grandma, she got a cute blue and maize hat. Sorry, Charlotte, but…..Go Blue! lol

Isn’t that cute??

When it was time to deliver this hat, Grandma decided that if this one turned out so cute, then I must be able to make an even cuter Michigan State hat for her to put on her grand-daughter when she was with her. And so the rivalry even extends to baby hats, lol! And of course, I obliged…

So this season, when Michigan faces off against Michigan State, I wonder who she’ll be supporting??? However, either way, she’ll look cute as a button!

I’m always taking orders….call, text, email, comment, facebook me….I would love to make something for you or for one of your loved ones!


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