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Cake Photography Props? Yes, indeed! August 15, 2012

Filed under: Cakes — Kristin Barrios @ 10:58 AM

Several weeks ago, I collaborated with my sister and her clients. She had two photography clients that wanted to get pictures for their children’s 1st birthdays, and I was asked to make a smash cake for each of them and their photo shoots. Those of you not familiar, a “smash cake” is a small cake that is given to the birthday boy or girl on their first birthday, and they get to “smash” the heck out of it. Eat it if they want to, or just make a royal mess. Whichever happens! But it is made especially for the birthday boy or girl.

It was two little boys this time, so the reaccuring theme is blue. By keeping it a simple swirl pattern for both, it was a great addition to their pictures.

Here are the cakes:

Any photographers in my area who need smash cakes for their clients, let me know. It was a great hit with my sister’s clients. Or if anyone has a birthday coming up…it’s a great addition to a cake order for your celebrations!


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