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Cute hat alert… July 20, 2012

Filed under: Crochet — Kristin Barrios @ 1:37 PM

These cute hats were made recently for an old classmate/basketball teammate/friend’s new baby girl…and she is adorable. And now she has two REALLY cute hats that Mom commissioned me to make 🙂 Hopefully when the weather is more appropriate for the hats, Mom will send me some pictures to share….hint, hint, Laura….lol..

But here are the hats at least. A giraffe, and a double pom pom hat.

Funny side story about this hat….Laura showed me a picture of a hat she liked that was like this, and asked if I could do it (the same with the giraffe hat…). Being of a yarn hording type of person (if you crochet or knit, you totally get that…), I thought maybe I had something in my stash to make this hat with. When I sent her a picture of what I thought might work, she asked if she could go pick out the yarn for the hat, as she had seen some she really liked. Of course, that was absolutely fine. When I went to pick it up, I had my doubts when I saw the colors, lol…Purple with flecks of colors in it, and a pinkish/peach/cream mix. And she said put them together. lol….The customer is always right! It came together so cute! And the colors ended up working together just fine! And it’s super duper cute on the little one. Way to go, Mom!

This hat is so cute…. 🙂 I think more animal hats should be made!!


One Response to “Cute hat alert…”

  1. LOVE that giraffe hat! =D

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