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Graduation 2012 June 25, 2012

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This Graduation season, I’ve been very busy with cakes! This particular cake was for a cousin on Rey’s side who graduated from Adrian High School and is on his way to Central Michigan University in the fall. Way to go, Caleb!

It was a very busy Memorial Day 2012 weekend with this cake and party and also a baby shower cake (story to follow!)!

Then the following weekend, it was graduation cakes again! This time for a Tecumseh High School graduate. I was able to use my new Giant Cookie for this order as his Aunt ordered a cake and two giant cookies. I think they turned out great, and so did the family!! Congrats Chase!

All images on the cookies and cakes are free handed with icing.

Here they are displayed for the party:

And the last cake for this weekend was a graduation cap cake for decoration. I received a call from a customer (who was a referral!!) who wanted a graduation cap cake made to put beside another cake. This was fun to make, and I think it came out alright. The top cap part is a thin piece of board covered in icing on top of a 4 layer cake.

Fun, no??

And the next weekend…..yep! Another graduation cake! And I was super excited because it was another referral call!! This cake was for another Adrian graduate. Congrats Tyler!

And that’s been some of my busy graduation weekends. I just made my nephew’s graduation cakes this past weekend and will post soon. So proud of him!

Have a good Monday, friends!


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