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4th Grade Class Baby Shower Party June 14, 2012

Filed under: Cakes,Crochet — Kristin Barrios @ 7:29 PM

Say what? Yep! My oldest’s teacher is expecting this summer, so his whole class and a few of the aides helped in making a surprise baby shower for her during school. It was actually a neat idea for the kids to have done something for her. And Nathan, being Nathan, wanted certain things exactly “like so” for his treat and gift. Must get that from me?!? lol…Anyway, he came home from school and asked me if I could make something for the baby, and “like a a cake or cupcakes for my class.” How could I refuse?!? He asked nicely and he knew I could help him with his gift. He wanted to make a hat for the baby, and he wanted to make sure I made it yellow or green, “since we don’t know what it is.” He also requested a bracelet or necklace for his teacher, but since time was an issue that part didn’t take shape, but I think he was excited about his hat :o)

And a few weeks ago I happened to have had an order of cupcakes for a baby shower, and Nathan wanted cupcakes just like that, but “in light yellow and light green, like a real pale green.” (I have to share his wording…if you know our son, he is very matter-of-fact and talks nonstop, lol). He ended up with a mixed bunch of cupcakes, but he seemed genuinely appreciative of them (I got several hugs while making them.. ).

The hat was fun to make! He wanted yellow so a boy or a girl could wear it. Well, I took it a little bit further, and gave Mom a few options….since it’s sometimes hard to tell boy from girl as a newborn, especially when wearing yellow! I think the end result is super cute and cool, and look forward to making more for selling!

I got a fun effect when I mixed tips on a few, and then the blue and green ones are from having both colors in the icing bag…I think they are awesome looking!

And here’s the hat!

Pretty nifty, right? I think I’ve just created a new selling feature for hats in general! And I thought it up all by myself, lol! I’ll keep you posted!


2 Responses to “4th Grade Class Baby Shower Party”

  1. Absolutely LOVE the hat, and the interchangable embellishments. Genius!

  2. Jamie C Says:

    Love these, Kristin! Such a great idea, too 😉 Way to go, Nathan!

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