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Hat-a-palooza! June 5, 2012

Filed under: Crochet — Kristin Barrios @ 8:05 AM

I’m already preparing for the Holiday Show I have annually! Right now, I’m making for stock…hats! And lots of them! Can’t wait to post some of the other animal themed ones I have in mind 😉 There’s so many pictures, that I’ll just let you enjoy them with a few comments!

Gotta love my makeshift newborn/toddler hat stand….I didn’t have one small enough to showcase these little guys, so I made one!

I love this one :o)

The above stitching is called the “butterfly”…because, well, it looks like a butterfly!

Lots of fun!!! Can’t wait to show you some more!! Thanks for stopping in!


4 Responses to “Hat-a-palooza!”

  1. Carole Warner Says:

    These are adorable!!!!

  2. Trudy Says:

    I sooo want that green and blue hat!! :))

    • $12 and it’s yours! 🙂 (this was actually suppose to come out a toddler size, but I kinda got carried away with my sizing! I really wasn’t paying attention and made it adult size! And I like it so much, I didn’t frog it and start over, lol (: ).

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