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Santos’ 40th Birthday April 18, 2012

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My brother-in-law, Santos’, 40th birthday was a special occasion for a couple of reasons. One, he was turning 40! And two, it had been 8 years since he had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was given a very short time to stay with us. By the grace of God, he is still here with us today, and is cancer-free. He is our family miracle. And what better way to celebrate these two things then to have a big party!!! And we did! We danced and ate and drank a toast to Santos! I made his birthday cakes and took a lot of pictures, so enjoy!

Each layer was a different theme. Bottom layer was ballroom dancing(Santos can bust a move…ask his wife, Alicia!), middle layer was sports(because Santos is an athlete as well as a fan), and the top layer was the Salvador flag(Santos’ homeland.). It was Alicia’s vision, I just put it into cake :o)

I made an additional side cake, because it was a big party!!

Doesn’t it look neat all lit up?

And here’s one of the birthday boy and his cake!

Here’s to many more birthdays, Santos!!!!


One Response to “Santos’ 40th Birthday”

  1. Alicia Reyes Says:

    It was a perfect cake. The flavors were delish! Thanks for sharing your art in a tasty manner. Loved it SIS:)

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