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Playing with clay……polymer clay, that is! March 9, 2012

Filed under: Jewelry — Kristin Barrios @ 5:00 PM

A while back, I had this brilliant (well, I thought it was brilliant, lol!) idea to capture some of my favorite Earth Art International stamps onto pieces for jewelry. I have actually done this a total of three times, but didn’t like any of the “beads” until my last attempt. And even those need a little help, lol….but it’s also sparked me on a totally different path. Same elements and idea, but different! And will be posted about later on…..

But for today I want to share this piece with you. So, back to Earth Art International…I’ve raved about the artist behind all of these fantastic drawings and stamps before, but I’ll do it again! Sue Coccia is the artist behind Earth Art International, http://www.earthartinternational.com/, and she makes some of the most interesting and beautiful animal totem drawings. She has a wide array of items that feature her artwork, from drawings, paintings, t-shirts, mugs, coloring books (which are awesome!! I have one!!), and amazing stamps of the drawings. And I’ve been lucky enough to start a small collection of her stamps, and look forward to getting more, which includes the NEW Sea Otter (y’all need to see this cute guy!), NEW Grizzly Bear (love it!), and pining for several of the other ones, too!! (Yes, I have a list. Don’t judge me. lol…) AND, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sue, and her husband, Frank, via my Texas friend, Jessica 🙂 (as a side note, you can find her AMAZING work at http://canyoupixelthis.com ; make sure you stop by and check out her work!)

I’m not even sure how this idea started, but I love the images so much, I thought a piece of jewelry that represents some of my favorite stamps (and the smaller images within the image that I love) would be awesome. And so, here is this final piece…

These pictures really don’t do the blue justice, lol…it’s actually not that bright, but you add a flash from the camera and it sort of washes it out. Anyway….you get the idea :o) And like I said, this piece has inspired several more pieces, which I’m currently working on! I’m loving it!

Happy Friday Friends!!

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