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Silhouettes January 6, 2012

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I’m so glad to finally be able to post about this particular “project”….finally…now that the holidays are over, I can share it with all of you! I’ve always been intrigued by the vintage cameo silhouette necklaces. I’ve always wanted one to be honest, but have never had one. And since you all know how much I love my boys, I decided to make my own from their faces!!! ūüôā Which is really cool, right? That’s what I thought! So, instead of just keeping this to myself, I decided to make some pretty special pieces of jewelry for my Mom and sisters and my Mom-in-law and sister-in-laws….without them knowing. Which proved to be quite a task, lol! I¬†believe I had to get down right obnoxiously persistent with a few of them ( To ALL my sisters: you know who you are, lol….and I love you anyway!!! And aren’t you glad you finally did what I asked?!?! hahaha!), but I think they will all agree in the end that they are pretty neat.

I used some really pretty vintage looking paper as the backgrounds to give it a little something extra. And I also finished each pendant with a clay backing, giving it a little more of a finished look.¬†Most of them aren’t the classic oval shape, but I think it gives them a more modern spin and makes them different and special.

I won’t make you guess who’s is who’s, but if you know our kids…it’s pretty easy :0)

Onward with awesome photos of these most precious of silhouettes….

Me: This is one of the ones I made of my kids:

For my Mom: I made her a necklace with each grandkid on a ribbon and silver pearl necklace, and also a pendant that had all of the grandchildren from oldest to youngest on it:

(Doesn’t she look great?!? :o) )

Oldest to youngest grandchild: Devin, Seth, Nathan, Liam, Caleb, Jonathan, and Alayna.

For my sister, Kellie:

For my sister, Karly:

For my Mother-in-Law, Carol: I made her a pendant of all the grandchildren, oldest to youngest, as well as a bracelet that features each grandchild in their own profile:

Oldest to youngest grandchild: Marcia, Jose, AJ, Nathan, Caleb, Elaynna, and Lil’ Mari.

For my sister-in-law, Alicia:

For my sister-in-law, Rebeca: (Mari has the LONGEST hair! It’s beautiful and naturally curly/wavy…)

For my sister-in-law, Mari:

I loved making each and every one of these pendants. It was so much fun and I was so excited to give them to each of them.

And for those of you who don’t have kiddos, and have a special family member (grandmother,¬†grandfather, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, etc. etc.!)¬†or friend you would like to have on one, let me know…for example, I have this awesome dog and this really cute cat that I am currently making a silhouette from them….to be posted soon on another day!

Have a fabulous weekend, my friends!!!


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  1. Absolutely incredible!! Those turned out gorgeous, so clever/creative!

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