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Paracord Survival Bracelets December 31, 2011

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I’m happy to finally post about the new Paracord bracelets I’ve been making! For those of you who haven’t ever heard the word, or understand what they are, or if you aren’t yet one of the lucky ones to be wearing one….here’s a brief description about what a Paracord Bracelet is:

Basically, in a nutshell, a paracord bracelet is a single piece of 550 Type III paracord woven into a bracelet.

But, for you others who really want to know the history behind them(like me!), the following is for you:

The first use for paracord (or “550 cord”, because it can withstand up to 550 pounds of weight) was in parachute suspension lines during World War II. Soldiers had few possessions with them and the cord could be used for many emergency situations, which included binding and hauling. Nowadays, the armed forces still use the cord in parachutes, but also for tourniquets, restraints, and bootlaces, to name just a few. People who spend a lot of time outdoors or camping use the cord as well for emergencies, securing a tent, or as a clotheline. In more recent years, the Survival Bracelet was born, and because of it’s handy location ( 🙂 ), not only do the military, outdoorsmen and women use them, but also law enforcement personnel and firefighters wear them, just in case.

So, there you have it. The Paracord Survival Bracelets are not only a very cool fashion accessory for anyone, but they are also practical. Depending on the size of your bracelet, you will have available to you a minimum of 7 feet of paracord and up.

These practical things have been a hit at my house, and beyond….I made one for me, my husband, then my kids each wanted one, then nephews, then friends, then law enforcement officers, and so on…

I just recently have started to make a law enforcement bracelet, and look for the fire & rescue bracelet, as well as a military remembrance bracelet. And, for those of you who have a favorite school or sports team, bracelets in multiple school colors are available from me as well.

I’m currently taking orders, and each bracelet costs only $12. You can contact me via a comment at the bottom of the blog, email, and don’t forget to check KB Cakes & Creations out on Facebook!!!

Green with reflective stripes.

Each bracelet comes with a small heavy duty black clip.


6 Responses to “Paracord Survival Bracelets”

  1. Awesome job as usual with anything you do! So talented…These are very nice. I have seen this before. Justin and his wife both wear them. Love that you shared the story behind the bracelet. Kudos to you once again!

  2. jodyziem Says:

    do you donate a part of the funds to diffrent groups?

    • Jody,
      I do actually donate to different causes/groups. I did some Breast Cancer Awareness Pendants last year, and part of the proceeds went to them for further research. If I get enough of an interest with the Thin Blue Line, or any of the other “themed” bracelets that are coming up, you’ll probably see me donate to different places 🙂 Thanks for asking and for stopping by!


      • jodyziem Says:

        next month i`ll buy home again military,and va bracelets and if you can send me you`r flyrs
        rs in you`r actual print i will post in va clinics i do not to do wan`t to make copies they look tacky to me
        4221 e.stewart av las vegas nv,89110

      • Jody,

        Thank you. I appreciate that. I don’t really have a flyer, but I could make something up 🙂 Until then, please direct anyone interested here to my blog, or I am on Facebook. I’ll be posting Paracord Bracelets on there soon.

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