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Captain America! November 11, 2011

Filed under: Cakes — Kristin Barrios @ 12:21 PM

So, I was trying to come up with a cute title about Captain America…..AND I got nothing. lol….I have no clue about Captain America! But I know someone who is really geeked about him, and for his birthday he personally requested that “the Cake Lady” make his Captain America shield cupcakes. And word has it from his Mommy that he was super excited about them 🙂 He is the CUTEST little guy and he just makes me smile! Happy Birthday, Adam! I hope your class enjoyed the chocolate shield cupcakes!!


4 Responses to “Captain America!”

  1. Leann Says:

    Maddie enjoyed them very much!

  2. Lisa Says:

    He did love them. He was so excited and jumping around. He was thoroughly impressed!
    Now he is trying to think of what you can do for Riley and the Baby! I told him we needed to hold of on that one for a little while!
    Oh, and his classmates were excited about the cupcakes as well! Adam was made when one of the boys said he didn’t like RED frosting…Adam told him to eat around it!
    Thanks so much! You are the BEST!

    • He’s so cute, Lisa….he says the funniest things :o) I’m so glad he enjoyed them, and I know Riley and he love cupcakes, hopefully the baby will, too! Even though he/she won’t have any for a little while, lol….I’m so glad he was excited about them and giving them to his classmates. “eat around it…” LOL…too funny!

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