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Fall Themed Birthday Cake October 26, 2011

Filed under: Cakes — Kristin Barrios @ 8:33 AM

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to make a birthday cake for some coworkers for our Team Building lunch. That was a really nice surprise :o) Since we were going to be celebrating coworkers birthdays from September and October, an idea was suggested that involved having leaves represent birthdays past and to follow. Our lunch potluck was at the end of September, so September birthdays had already passed and October birthdays had yet to happen. Leaves represented all the people, and September birthdays were on the ground, October still attached to the tree. It was actually a really neat idea (way to go, Natalie!), and I started thinking about putting it together.

What transpired was almost like a painting…very vibrant fall colors with two toned sky, tree and leaves. I think it turned out very pretty, and my coworkers were very generous with their compliments and praise for the cake. I must say, it did taste pretty good. Not often do I get to actually eat the cakes I make (unless it’s for family! lol) and this one was nice to share with my coworkers. There’s been hints of me doing another one for other birthdays….. :o)

Three posts in three days!!! Yep, it’s been busy here at KB Cakes & Creations! Don’t forget to “like” KB Cakes & Creations Facebook page! If I get to 100 fans, I’m giving a cake away! Share the page with your friends and family! Thank you so much!!


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