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Mohawk Hats!!! October 24, 2011

Filed under: Crochet — Kristin Barrios @ 2:02 PM

I’ve wanted to blog about this project for weeks!!! But unfortunately things beyond my control happened and I’ve been MIA for the last couple weeks. For those of you who know, all is well on the homefront! My hubby is doing well, and we both appreciate the prayers and support of family and friends!! Thank you! Thank you!!

On with the show!!!

Our youngest decided to play football this year, and needless to say, Rey and I were very excited! Not just for him (which we are!!), but also because we get to be crazy sport parents! lol…that’s right….games every week, running him to practice, making sure homework and drum practice is done, making sure he’s still having fun and not getting overloaded, and of course yelling for and supporting our son and his team! Like I said, crazy sports parents!

In light of that, I of course had to make something to show my support. What better way then a hat. Not only is it our school colors and considered “spirit wear”, but they keep our ears warm, and they look AWESOME! Plus, it’s my own variation of an earflap hat pattern, and then I added my mohawk to it. Without further adeu, here is Nathan’s Mohawk hat (didn’t he do good modeling?? lol), and my double pom-pom hat:

I just finished a purple and gold one (for Blissfield/Onsted), and a blue and white one (for Adrian). So, any school color would work. The one I made for Nathan could even be for Michigan. Plus I think a pink variation for a girl would be cute! I suppose if you are a Sparty fan, green and white would be cool. Or camoflage, or black and white, or……. 🙂 Hats can be made for newborns all the way up to adults. Adult sizes are $18.

Don’t forget to “like” my page on Facebook! More pictures of the other Mohawk hats will be posted on there. Don’t forget, football may almost be over, but then there is basketball! 🙂

Happy Mohawk Monday!!!


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