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Nathan’s 10th Birthday October 7, 2011

Filed under: Cakes — Kristin Barrios @ 9:08 AM

Our oldest son, Nathan, turned 10 in September. 10!!! It’s still hard to grasp the fact that he, and closely followed by the youngest, are getting older, and becoming…..teenagers!!! Yikes! And Nathan is one of those kids that has an old soul 🙂 He’s smart, quirky, and is constantly thinking about the world. Not a day goes by when he doesn’t surprise Rey and I with something he’s said, or thought about.

So, for Nathan’s 10th birthday, we asked him (like I always do!) what he wanted for his cake. His reply? A big fish, with it’s mouth open, and a hook in it. Our kids, and their cousins, love to fish. This past summer it has become the new favorite thing to do, and they can sit for hours and trade lures, hooks, and talk fish. Who caught the biggest one that week, who had one get away, where they should fish next, etc. So, it really was no surprise when he said he wanted a fish birthday cake.

I picked a large mouth bass to replicate for his cake. Let’s just say it was the hit of the party. Oh, and the new bike he got from his dad, myself, and his brother. And the board games, clothes, MONEY….lol. He had a good birthday!



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