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KB Cakes & Creations launches on Facebook!! October 7, 2011

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Hello, and Good Morning to my awesome blog followers!!

This post is to tell you that KB Cakes & Creations has gone Facebooking! That’s right! I just launched a new page on Facebook. So, GO LIKE IT!! lol

What that means, is that I will be posting pictures of items and pricing, giveaways, etc. on the Facebook page. And people can post orders, ask questions, etc. I will still continue to blog about all the adventures and stories behind items right here at the blog (plus giveaways!!), but it will also be linked to the Page. You, my wonderful subscribers and followers, will still receive your email notifications, but sharing will now be a little easier 🙂 I’ve been a busy bee since the last few blogs, and there will be several new posts coming up with some awesome new items….which are all my own designs!!! So excited!!!

I’m still currently working on the Page, so bare with me for a couple days as I get everything up and running!  

So, go “like” the page on Facebook, if you yourself are a facebooker, and tell all your friends and family as well!!!


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