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Part 2: Memory Beads June 10, 2011

Filed under: Jewelry — Kristin Barrios @ 10:19 AM

Ok…so, I’ve been a little busy this week. Working fulltime, and I had two cake orders this week for yesterday and today, and I’ve been doing some research about another special request piece of jewelry, and I haven’t had time to upload my pictures of some of the pieces I’ve made with my memory beads. But! Think of this way….you guys get to see pictures of beads and a pendant I forgot to post on Part 1, and you’ll get a Part 3 AND a cake blog probably this weekend!! Always trying to think of the silver lining my friends.

Here are two more beads and a pendant I made out of the translucent clay and the yellow/purple tulips. I haven’t completed a project yet with these beads because I like them, a lot, and I want to have just the right thing made with them.

I CAN tell you that one of the pieces I made with my red tulip beads from the previous post is a bracelet. And I’ve been wearing it this past week, and I love it. The beads look just like any other bead, but I know what they are and what they represent. Granted mine don’t mark a special occasion or the remembrance of a loved one….but my tulips WERE pretty rocking this year 🙂

Anyhoo…look forward to posting this weekend about these pieces and the anniversary and birthday cakes from this week. Have a FABULOUS Friday!!


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