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1st Communion Cakes, and why I always save what icing I can….. June 2, 2011

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Alright….so I’m a little behind. But first thing first….CAKE!

I had the honor of making my niece and a couple of cousins on my husband’s side of the family 1st Communion Cakes. The 1st Communion is an important part of the Catholic faith, and is celebrated in our family. And I got asked to make cakes! And the first one for my niece was somewhat of a challenge. Elaynna had a very specific design she wanted for her cake, but it also needed to include something of religious content. With that in mind, Elaynna wanted red hearts and balloons on her cake!!! Yep, red hearts, balloons, and something religious.

So, not being versed in the Catholic faith and what is taught in the classes, I did some research on the internet. After finding pictures and descriptions of the chalise, etc., I didn’t find that I could incorporate her idea with the idea of what she was accomplishing that day. So I decided to keep it simple. Simple is sometimes always best…..plus she got her hearts, and balloons 🙂

Here’s my the final cake for her…..

The cross sort of looks likes it’s floating on a cloud of red hearts, and she got her balloons floating away. I thought it turned out pretty cute! Elaynna was very happy! This was a double layer cake, chocolate and orange flavored. Super yummy!

My next cake for that day, was for two members of the Rincon family! The cake is similarly designed, because I liked the cross idea. But it was for a boy and a girl….Brandon and Vanessa….

Turned out really good, and I was so happy to get them both done with plenty of time to spare. The day was busy, Elaynna had her’s first thing in the morning and then I had time to deliver the second cake later in the morning. Or so I thought…..

Just so happened that Tia Bea stopped over, and someone asked how Justin and Vanessa were doing as their 1st Communion was getting closer. Did you catch that? JUSTIN and Vanessa, not Brandon and Vanessa!!!! Yikes!! My heart stopped beating for a minute I swear!! But, this is why I always save what icing I can after making a cake….just in case. I hurried home and modified the cake.

Cake fixed! And nobody knew the wiser except my family because I had to double-check with my mother-in-law who was actually doing the 1st Communion! In fact, I wasn’t even going to post about it because I didn’t think they knew….but Tia Bea said she appreciated me fixing the names on the cake! LOL!!! It happens! But thank goodness I had that extra frosting, and about an hour to do the changes and deliver the cake! And both turned out great! And they all had a special day with family and friends!


4 Responses to “1st Communion Cakes, and why I always save what icing I can…..”

  1. Bea Rincon Says:

    Thanks Mija for saving the day, all I can say is that I was having a senior moment when I ordered the cake. Love Tia B

  2. Linda Bird Says:

    Love the cake Kristin! I need to talk to you about your latest bracelets. let me know when you have a minute. I need something by July 9 (the wedding)

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