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All in a name….or names ;o) May 13, 2011

Filed under: Jewelry — Kristin Barrios @ 1:07 PM

I’ve been super excited about this bracelet I just finished making for a long time. And I’ve made at least three variations before I finished the final piece. Who has kids? Or somebody special? Or  pets they love like kids? Or someone they want to remember….? I’d venture to guess that most of you do. And if you are anything like me, you sometimes wish you could have something that was just about them, something you can carry with you or perhaps wear. So, I made a bracelet.

The idea started out when I thought about my kids. I love my kids. And sometimes they drive me crazy…but they’re still my kids 🙂 And since I like making jewelry, I thought maybe it would be fun to have something that I could string with their names on it. And the idea of a bracelet came to mind.

I could have picked my favorite color, or perhaps the color I wear the most so it would match, or made it like CLABAM…there’s their names! But being the type who prefers to wear simple, subtle, beautiful, but eye-catching pieces, I didn’t do that with their names, but did go with a color scheme that is “them.” See, my boys have always loved blue and green. For a long time when they were little, our oldest, Nathan, had to have everything blue. Oh, I tried dressing him in red (still do, b/c it’s a good color for him! lol), and other colors, but anything we got them, toys, balls, toothbrushes, etc., all had to be blue. Caleb, who for the longest time loved anything and everything John Deere, had to have green. And not just green, but JOHN DEERE green.

And as you can guess, they still love blue and green….but they switched! lol. Yep, Nathan is everything green, and Caleb is everything blue….even to where the cups they drink out of at home, Nathan gets the green one, and Caleb gets the blue one. And don’t mix them up, because they will just switch them with each other!! LOL! But I ramble on….talkin’ about my kids…. 😉

So, here’s the final piece. I used blue strands and green strands of various beads. And on one strand of the blue, I put Caleb’s name in silver letter beads, and on one green strand, I put Nathan’s. I used an antique looking button for the clasp, and the hoop of green beads goes over the button to close it.

I wore this for the first time yesterday to an appointment and had three people comment on my bracelet. When I told them it had my kid’s names on it, they had to do a double take, because they are subtly in the bracelet. They were all drawn to the colors!

If anyone else likes them or knows someone who would love one as a gift…..let me know….I’m taking orders 🙂

Thanks for letting me share!

And HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!!! ……lol ;o)


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