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Tis the season…. November 15, 2010

Filed under: Jewelry — Kristin Barrios @ 11:55 PM

Yep….it’s that time of year. With Thanksgiving next week and December looming afterwards, it’s time to think about that dreaded “s” word……SNOW. And with that, comes some interesting pendants, and soon some snuggly warm hats, scarves, and the like!

This past weekend I got on a bit of a pendant kick and a braided bracelet kick….all with fall/winter tones. So, without further adeu, here are some photos.

They look sort of funny not on an arm….but they look great on! I have one I wear quite often in fall tones right now.

And the pendants were more Christmas themed, but I did make several fall versions as well….

And with my Mom in mind….I made these little dudes….she’s a sucker for a nutcracker 🙂 Love you Mom!

And I promised butterflies….and here’s some of what I’ve been working on….these are all hand drawn and painted. The magenta colored ones are some I’ve been working on for a friend…. : )

Well, there are some things I’ve been working on! Hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think…helps me spark ideas!


4 Responses to “Tis the season….”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I LOVE the butterflies! They are gorgeous! I have two more crazy ideas for you……. 🙂

  2. Karly Loar Says:

    I love the snowflake pendants!! I want one!! Will it make me break out? 😦

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