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Let’s get creative! November 11, 2010

Filed under: Crochet — Kristin Barrios @ 4:20 PM

Ok, so I was just having this conversation on Facebook with a friend….after a few weeks of not feeling very creative and not having a chance to really work on any new projects…the creative juices are flowing again!! Yay! Guess the brain needed a mini hibernation to recoup!

That being said, I have one new project recently completed that I have to share today. But I’ve got several things in the works, so look tomorrow for some finished pendants with fall/winter themes. And I’ve also got a butterfly theme I’m working on, inspired by a friend’s request for one for her mom for Christmas! Also, remember that you can still get your Breast Cancer Awareness pendants!! I’d still like to raise more money for them…

So, the new project incorporated the crocheted bracelets I’ve been working on with one of the flower shapes I recently made Jessica to work  with and finish some projects with. The bracelet is all crocheted with a cotton thread…here’s the finished piece:

I’ve got one in the works with stars on it : ) Hope you guys like this, let me know what you think! And remember to mark your calendars for December 11, 2010. That’s the date of the Holiday Show here in Adrian…more details to follow! See you tomorrow!


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