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Ladybug Cupcake Cake September 21, 2010

Filed under: Cakes — Kristin Barrios @ 2:33 PM

This was a first time request for me….a cake, made out of cupcakes. Yes, it is indeed the new fad. Everyone has a portioned size and there’s less mess I suppose. Last year I made three ladybug cakes (pictured in a previous blog) for Adrian College’s chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha, who’s mascot is, yep… a ladybug. This year I was again asked to make their cakes, but with the twist of making them out of cupcakes.

Having never done one before, I did a little research on the “proper” way to make a cupcake cake. It’s actually quite simple to make all the cupcakes, and then position them into a shape. As long as you have enough cupcakes to make your shape! As with most of my cake requests, each “bug” was half-n-half. Half white cupcakes, half chocolate cupcakes. The following pictures were the final cakes. They were actually quite large as each cupcake cake had to have 40 cupcakes in it.

It’s actually a really unique way of having a cake. And it was fun to learn a new way of creating a cake and making someone’s day.


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