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Dragonflies September 20, 2010

Filed under: Jewelry — Kristin Barrios @ 12:13 PM

Hello all!

After an incredibly busy weekend….I’m back! And with new stuff! The next couple posts will be about the projects and cakes that happened this weekend (Ladybug Cupcake Cake, Nathan’s B-day cake!, Throwing at Art-A-Licious, and the Apraxia Walk). But first off today, here are the dragonfly pieces I was working on. I chose to work in black and green, but have also started some with several other colors. And I’m thinking butterflies are next!

The bigger dragonfly has a silver jump ring thru the top to be put onto a necklace. The middle dragonfly is actually a ring….

Super duper cute…and made all out of beads! When wearing it, it’s actually very subtle, but a great conversation piece šŸ™‚

I’ve also dived into making some earrings….I’ve got some bigger dangly ones coming soon as well. But here are a few pics of the earrings.

And continuing on my green bead fix, lol….I made a necklace. Must be thinking green! Because I have another project that includes a variation with these green beads…or maybe because I just like them!

I’ve had quite a few people interested in the home show, and had a few others interested in making it a joint Holiday Show (think PartyLite and MaryKay)….I’m working on finding a time that works and seeing if that will be a possibility! So stayed tuned for more info on that!!

See you all tomorrow….Happy Monday!


2 Responses to “Dragonflies”

  1. Wilma Says:

    hi ive enjoyed looking at your website,i got your website from the Alyth Voice,you are a very creative person!do you have a price list on all your items? yours sincerely
    Wilma K

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