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Horse Card August 26, 2010

Filed under: Cards — Kristin Barrios @ 7:01 PM

I was recently asked to make a card for a friend, for her friend! She wanted something handmade and personal to give to her friend, and wanted to capture her friend’s interest in raising Quarter Horses. So…I started to paint! The final painted image looked like this:

Sorry about the shadow on the painting, but you get the gist…

My friend had asked for the “torn paper thing”…lol….so, the card theme became rugged to go with the horse. The final product looked like this:

I used plain cardstock in several colors, tore the edges, added some brass looking doodads :o) and roughed up the paper frame by crumpling the paper up. Also used a nail file to roughen up the card itself.

I think it turned out great! And I am continuing to have fun getting back into painting!!!


One Response to “Horse Card”

  1. Carla Says:

    i love it. Glad to hear you are having fun painting

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