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Cougar Pendant July 22, 2010

Filed under: Jewelry — Kristin Barrios @ 11:57 AM

I was asked last week to make a custom pendant for a friend. She already had one pendant I had made for her, and she wished to have a specific image. She wanted a Cougar. Since I didn’t have that image to work with already….I decided to draw it myself and use my artistic abilities to give her the Cougar she wanted. I tossed around a few ideas of using colored pencils, or doing an ink drawing…but I wasn’t sold on anything. Then I had an epiphany…watercolor! And so began my project this weekend.

I started out by buying new watercolors, lol…..for one really big reason…it had been so long since I had used my set, that I couldn’t find them! Which it’s been probably longer since I’ve bought paint (watercolor, acrylic, or oil), and was surprised by all the watercolor options! I decided on a small set, and headed back home.

And started to paint…..

I was super excited as it started to come to life, because pencil and pen hadn’t done the Cougar justice.

This was the final painted image:

I wish I could have gotten the whole image on the pendant…and I thought very seriously about it. But it would have made a rather large pendant, lol. My friend had wanted the dual strands of black and silver beads from the Tiger Pendant Necklace. This is the final piece all put together:

She was pleased beyond words with the end product, and so was I 🙂

Since completing this pendant this weekend, I’ve had requests for a wolf, dolphin, and a palm tree/beach scene….I’m currently taking custom orders…send me an email or comment on here if you have a request!!

Also…whoever subscribes by noon tomorrow, has a chance to win a free pendant of your choice!!!


3 Responses to “Cougar Pendant”

  1. It turned out awesome! I have some ideas I want for Christmas gifts so let’s get together and talk about what I want.

  2. Kristen Gottschalk Says:

    Thanks so much for all your hardwork with my necklace request! And yes I love it as you see me wear it often!!

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