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Frosty the Snowman July 16, 2010

Filed under: Cakes — Kristin Barrios @ 11:23 AM

So, my all time favorite cake so far has been Frosty the Snowman. And I have my youngest munchkin to thank for that one. We decided to let Caleb have a party at the Arrington Ice Arena at Adrian College. They love to ice skate. So, when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his party, we tossed a few ideas around, but I could tell he wasn’t telling me what he really wanted. I finally asked him what kind of cake he really, really wanted, and he said “Frosty.” And I thought, “Frosty? Really?” I doubled checked with him, several times over the next few weeks, in fact, and it was always Frosty. So, Frosty the Snowman came to life that December….not in snow and ice, but in cake!!!

This was a big cake! And took several cakes to piece him together. The only non-edible part of him was the broom handle. I had to get creative with that. It’s actually the papertowel cardboard roll, covered in seran wrap, and then iced with frosting.

Corn-cob pipe and a button nose!! I even asked Caleb (being a boy and all) if he wanted Frosty’s flower on his hat a different color, other than the pink it’s suppose to be. And much to my surprise, he was ok with pink, lol….he wanted Frosty to look like Frosty!

Not only was family impressed with Frosty, but we had a lot of other people at the ice rink impressed with him, too. But the only one I wanted happy that day with the cake was Caleb. And he was!

That ends this particular trip down KB Cakes Memory Lane, but there are more stored in the portfolio. So, if you need a cake, please let me know!

Stayed tuned for my next post….we’re changing gears!!!


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  1. Jamie C Says:

    Not that I think you need a class, or that you need help finding one if you did but I was looking for something today and saw this website from A2. The home page flashed something about different classes, and some for more experienced decorators…like yourself ;).

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