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Harley Davidson Cake July 14, 2010

Filed under: Cakes — Kristin Barrios @ 11:14 AM

Did anyone guess what today’s cake would be? Well, if you didn’t :), it’s the Harley Davidson Cake I made for friends of ours who have birthdays very close to each other. It was actually a surprise cake for them!

I’m not sure why I like this cake so much, except that it was fun! I mean, come on, Harley Davidson. That’s pretty cool, lol. And maybe because it was one of the first cakes I made for someone outside my family (my family who happen to be my biggest fans!!). It was fun to see other people react to something that I made.

I think the other part is that this is a “shape” cake. Not just a normal sheet cake. I love to make cakes that “are” the object. And this was a pretty big cake, too!

This cake actually came after the Ford logo cake I made for a Dave Knapp Ford event when my husband was still a salesman there. The Harley Davidson cake was made for a friend from Knapp’s, and his girlfriend 🙂

So, if you know anybody who likes Harley Davidson….I can hook them up with a cake!

The next cake to be featured was a big cake, too! And was the first DOUBLE layered shape cake….


One Response to “Harley Davidson Cake”

  1. Jamie C Says:

    LOVE this one!

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