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Anniversary Cakes June 29, 2010

Filed under: Cakes — Kristin Barrios @ 11:27 AM

My most recent cake job was for a 65 year wedding anniversary party last weekend. It was by far the biggest order I had done, and it didn’t come without its hurdles!  After much debate about how many cakes to make ;), it was determined that I would do a mini wedding cake, and three sheet cakes. I decided to do all the cakes with the same theme, and use the color scheme they wanted, red and silver.

Anyone who knows me, knows that my kitchen isn’t the biggest, and neither is the dining room, lol…so the first hurdle was where do I put the cakes while I’m working on them? I found that the top of my washer and dryer works great…as long as they aren’t in use!

Decorating the sheet cakes went really well, and I had fun using a new flower tip and leaf tip, and the matching theme on them looked great! The next hurdle came when I made the three-tiered mini wedding cake. I baked the final two cakes for the top, laid them out to cool, and having the bottom and middle tiers done, decided to run to the store for some last minute supplies. This week we were dog sitting for a friend: a very rambunctious Labradoodle named, Moose. Well, when I returned home from the store, I found one of my top-tier cakes half-eaten, crumbs on the floor, and in someone’s hairy chin! Moose had helped himself to some cake!!

After about 5 minutes of panick, I started making and baking another cake. Thank goodness I had extra supplies! And a few hours to spare before delivery!

Finally all cakes were finished, and it was time to deliver them. The final hurdle came with the delivery of the cakes. Did I mention it was really humid in Michigan? Well, the sheet cakes traveled fine…it was the tier cake that had some problems! Between the humidity and some bumps along the way, I had some repair to do to the mini wedding cake. But, at least I had remembered my frosting, and whipped it back into presentable shape!

Afterwards, I can say that I learned a few important things…1) I can improvise with space. 2) Never leave a cake eating dog loose in your house when you leave 🙂 And 3) Always, ALWAYS, assemble a tiered cake, whether mini or regular size at the site of the event! (Since this was my first tier cake, I can give myself a little slack, lol).

Everything turned out fine, the couple loved the cakes, and so did everyone else apparently! The only thing they had left was the bottom tier of the wedding cake, which they snatched off the serving table for the family before it got eaten too!! 🙂



7 Responses to “Anniversary Cakes”

  1. The cakes look amazing!! Do you work with fondant at all?

  2. Rebeca Says:

    OMG…such a funny story! I cannot believe a pup could cause so much drama!

  3. Alicia Says:

    I love the story Kristen. The behind the sceens story was great, so what happened to Moose? The cakes look great.

  4. Anna Says:

    Kristin, I already told you how good the cake was and I knew about the heat and humidity but I had no idea about the other things! Crazy, now it makes the cake taste even better now that I can see even more work then usual went into this cake.
    Great job Kristin, I LOVE your cakes:)

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