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New Beginnings June 25, 2010

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At the suggestion of a friend, I’ve started a blog! Not sure how this will all pan out, but it’s a new adventure and we’ll see where it leads. A crafter at heart, I’m on the edge of possibly starting my own business for a menagerie of things….from decorating cakes, crocheting anything, and now jumping into the world of handmade jewelry! Having already had a few buyers for my crochet items, hitting success with cakes, I’m diving into the world of possibilities here 🙂

So in the days to follow, I’ll get this thing up and running and see where it goes!


2 Responses to “New Beginnings”

  1. And you’ll be so glad you did!! You’re off to a rockin’ start!!

  2. Great Idea Kristin, hope it works out for you. The cakes were beautiful and I hope you put on other cakes you have done in the past. I will forward this to all my friends.

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